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Home Energy Efficiency Checklist

The term ''home energy efficiency'' seems to be everywhere, but what does it really means? It simply means a more comfortable home that can save you money on utility bills while helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. But how do you achieve that you ask? We've put together a simple list of things to do to ensure that your home is energy efficient and to help you stay on top of things.


Home Energy Efficiency Checklist:


  • Check your heat and A/C systems
  • Check windows and outside doors for drafts


  • Check furnace switch, fuse and breakers
  • Check furnace blowers, oiling motors and changing belt if necessary
  • Check thermostat accuracy by taping a thermometer to the wall next to it. If discrepancy, have a serviceman re-calibrate unit
  • Check central air condensing unit for obstructing leaves and debris, and hose out if necessary
  • keep shrubs pruned back to maximize airflow
  • Check room A/C condensate drain outlet for plugging


  • Check and clean/change room A/C filters
  • Check room A/C condenser coils and intake vents for obstructions
  • Check furnace filter and change if clogged


  • Check insulation for type/thickness, beginning in attic/top floor. Upgrade if inadequate
  • During humid weather, check central A/C condensate drain to ensure it is carrying off excessive moisture.

We hope that this list will help you keep your home energy efficient. As you know, we are always happy to answer your questions. You can contact us here.




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